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Doer and manager with a strong financial markets and regulation, technical, and entrepreneurial background. Throw me at your technology, trading, or regulatory problem or project, and I'll put order around it, solve it, and keep it ticking over smoothly for however long you need me to. Perseverance, thoroughness, attention to detail, and meticulous record-keeping are my hallmarks. Specialties: Financial markets compliance and surveillance. Global financial markets and regulation. Office startup. Stretching the limits of new technology platforms.

Financial industry experience

2005 to 2017: RGM Advisors, LLC, Austin, Texas
Director of Compliance and Surveillance
RGM Advisors UK Limited, London, England
Business and Compliance Director; European Markets and Compliance Manager; General Manager, London

Served the changing requirements of a technology-based proprietary trading firm during a twelve-year time period. Over time, managed the firm's entry into, operations in, and exit from numerous markets and geographies, its adaptation to changing market structure, regulations, and technology, and its compliance with contractual and regulatory obligations.

2003 to 2005: Voca (formerly BACS), London, England
Senior applications support analyst

Startup experience

Palmerwheeler, London, England
Director of Development and software developer

Activerse (originally Active Paper), Austin, TX, United States
Co-founder and software developer

Software developer

Education and qualifications

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